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Artist - Elaine Linton

Elaine Linton, is an artist from the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel, located in San Diego County, San Diego, CA   She draws paints, makes jewelry, makes pine needle baskets, does mosaic art, soap stone sculpture, and she does Gourd Art.  She was born at County Hospital in San Diego, CA.  Elaine is the daughter of Richard A. Linton, great grandson of John B. Linton of Scotland and Lucille Ortega Linton daughter of Julio Ortega born on the Santa Ysabel Indian Reservation.

Art in some fashion has always played a part of Elaine‚Äôs life for as long as she can remember.  As the years went by Elaine tried many different types of art such as embroidery, ceramics, acrylic, watercolor, and glass painting.  She even hand made oak frames for her embroidery.  Art has always been a part of her everyday life.

Elaine took her first gourd class at the Welburn Gourd Farm in Fallbrook, CA on a whim and was hooked.  She left that day with a handful of gourds and began gourding immediately.  She would stay up every night until the wee hours creating.  Elaine draws, paints,wood-burns, carves, and coils (pine needle and closed) on her Gourds.  Because she is a First Nations People, much of my work is First People design. Elaine has taken many gourds classes from many different teachers and has gained many skills. Gourding has become a great way to express her deep and ongoing passion for art. What Elaine likes best about working on gourds is that the gourds are not perfect so the gourd designs do not have to be perfect and there is no end to what you can create on a gourd with a few simple tools.  Elaine continues to create more elaborate and beautiful gourds as her skills continue to grow.  She has become a teacher and has her own little gourd group following, beginners and advanced.  Elaine says she thinks about gourding everyday and is constantly inspired.

Elaine is a gourd artist & teacher, and member of the following gourd groups:

The American Gourd Society, (member since 2005)

The California Gourd Society ( member since 2005) - CGS Director of Southern Projects 

CGS Southern Director for Programs

San Diego County Gourd Artist (member since 2005) - Facebook and webmaster

Gourd Art Enthusiasts

Gourd Arts Tips and Tricks on FB

Gourding Destash on FB